Tekkawear™ x Protect - Tekkawear
Tekkawear™ x Protect - Tekkawear
Tekkawear™ x Protect - Tekkawear
Tekkawear™ x Protect - Tekkawear
Tekkawear™ x Protect - Tekkawear

Tekkawear™ x Protect

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 Collaboration Tekkawear X Protect 

Einstein used to say "Big problems always have a simple solution". In the current global turmoil, we decided to collaborate with Protect to design the perfect mask to provide a simple a answer to this global pandemic. Stay healthy and safe with the filter mask Tekkawear!

▶︎ Limits the risk of being contaminated or contaminating
▶︎ Protection against any attack
▶︎ Multilayer filter equipment (5 layers)
▶︎ Reusable
▶︎ Stock available - Worldwide shipping
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Protect yourself from the surrounding air

Protect pro is a durable solution against virus contagion. Elements such as pathogens, pollution, floral pollen, bacteria or other chemicals are mostly filtered thanks to its PM2.5 Particulate Matter filtering system. The materials are developed in a delicate cotton very comfortable and with a proven effective filtering power. Equipped with a double air valve device it facilitates breathing, within the mask, no feeling of heating which allows not to have discomfort or fogging on glasses or contact lenses.

 Reusable filter mask 

Our mask offers a 360 degree seal against external contaminants. It folds easily for compact storage. Perfect for traveling by plane, bus and train! In addition it is reusable at will. The filter necessary for its operation must be changed every 6 to 8 days of use. Good news, we include a filter for each mask ordered!

Our quality charter

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We make every effort to offer you a quality product. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will try to resolve your problem. It is important to remember that our PM2.5 mask is a precaution. But it does not prevent the transmission of viruses, it limits the risks.

*Our mask is not a medical mask, it only provide PM2.5 filtering for Particulate Matter and does not prevent the transmission of a virus. It only reduces the risk of transmission

** Very high demand, the availability of our mask is very limited **

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    9.5 2.39" 6.07 cm
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    L 11.5 20
    XL 12 20.5

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