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Techwear UK is the major Japanese Techwear online shop in the United Kingdom. We commit to offer the most affordable technical clothes with high tech fabrics.

Our Techwear outfits use functional fabrics such as Gore Tex® and KODENSHI® fibers, that have cutting edge properties to stay warm and dry in extreme conditions without having to layer up too many clothes.

Techwear UK masters futuristic clothing combining comfort with functionalities. You will find different dark colors styles like Warcore, Techwear Samurai, Korean Techwear and Cybergoth. If you want to wear a black futuristic design, you are in the right place!


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Techwear fashion in the UK is characterised by clothes made of special fabrics with advanced technology and acclimated cuts to allow you to have ample movement throughout the day. Aesthetic and Affordable are the two adjectives that describe our collections at Techwear UK designed for men and women.

Techwear UK is a store passionate about Japan and its great culture, but also about streetwear and techwear aesthetic that is easy to access and innovative! Our goal is to satisfy all those who love Japan and their lifestyles as well as those who enjoy having an original and elegant style.

In this Japanese clothes store, you will find the way to freedom by taking the path of bushido (samurai's law of conduct) thanks to collections of high quality clothes with careful details: Japanese jacket, Japanese kimono, Yukata, Japanese t-shirt, but also masks representing yokai which are Japanese demons. All this with sophisticated clothing thanks to the performance of techwear.

The designs are worked and thought to unite the streetwear which is an urban style and Japan the country of the rising sun. This mix gives us a particularly attractive style and an original side that is very sought after by today's fashion.

Our clothes are unisex for a guaranteed equity!


Techwear or techwear outfits is a fashion trend that combines mileage, style and aesthetics. Pockets, zippers, straps and other accessories are represented in techwear with these unique and special accoutrements. You find breathability, oilskin, ease of movement and a sense of freedom in this style. Tekkawear suckers love the ergonomics thanks to the storehouse of this style which is the closest to streetwear, they're frequently veritably active people, frequently outdoors and who like to carry a lot of different objects in their pockets whether in nature or in a veritably urban terrain as we will see above the urban techwear.

The teachwear or streetwear techwear is veritably frequently associated with a dark color map that promotes the colors black, carbon and cortege in England we call this style "black techwear"). So we can say that techwear fashion is monochromic. On our online techware store you'll find a wide range of apparel with numerous specialised and useful features to link the functional side to the visual appearance.

Techwear UK Streetwear Style


The origins of techwear can be traced back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, when a group of forward-thinking designers began to experiment with new materials and silhouettes.

These designers were influenced by various fashion movements, including military, workwear and sportswear. They combined these elements to create a unique style that was both functional and stylish.

In recent years, techwear has grown in popularity.

This is due to a number of factors, specifically the rise of social media, the popularity of streetwear and the growing interest in functional fashion.

History of Techwear UK


Streetwear Techwear or Dystopian Techwear is a new style of apparel that's increasingly adopted by numerous people who want to stand out from the crowd. At the moment, technology has been combined with fashion to produce a futuristic style. The primary thing of urban techwear brands is mileage or practicality over aesthetics, and everyone who has tried techwear in Europe and away predicts that this style will be worn more and more in the times to come. There's a great deal of perfection in techwear pieces, which will delight those who love new technologies. The futuristic techwear style is on the way to getting innovative and visionary in a veritably short time. On our urban techwear shop you'll find Functional cuts more than aesthetic bones storage, accessories or inventions to make your life easier Accoutrements and fabrics with high technology.


Techwear Looks doesn’t just come down to adventure clothes to climb high mountains. There are various types of tech wear looks emerging all the time ranging from urban looks to sport gears.


The “casual techwear" or "performance menswear" is worn every day to go to work for illustration or to do your daily sport. This is the outfit that comes to mind when we talk about affordable techwear budget or cheap techwear, it's not a coexistence since it's the most common and popular. There are conventional pieces with leakproof, permeable or Gore Tex fabrics and also casual sharp pieces with water repellent chinos, softshells or anoraks like the techwear brand Canada Goose. Some casual teckwear brands Goldwin, Acronym, Stone Island, The North Face Black Series, Houdini.

Techwear is a fashion style that blends men’s fashion with the latest technology. Look what we saw ahead but with much further pronounced features. This style is represented on techwear spots by Japanese brands like Undercover or Visvim among so many others. The big difference with casual teakwear is that these outfits can't always be worn at work. The purpose of these products is that the design takes over the functional side, it's veritably inspiring because the contrivers have to integrate new fabrics and introduce with further or lower experimental treatments. We must each accentuate that these avant gardist dare and this for a good cause to represent their vision of the world in a veritably near future. Some techwear brands NSW, CP Company, Enfin Levé, Nike, North Face Purple Marker.


The urban ninja techwear is a minimalist techwear style, full of details or on the contrary extravagant, unshaped and dissymmetrical. The colors are composed of black, olive, night blue, argentine or occasionally white. This is one of the hardest aesthetics to wear but if you're an addict of parkour or steampunk also this style is for you. Like a ninja this tekwear look is the most specialized, urban and minimalist; what makes it so fascinating is the difficulty to integrate it to a classic outfit because of its unique and luxurious patterns. Some ninja techwear brands include Acronym, Respro, Maharishi, Arc'Teryx, Shopatkan.

Techwear UK Urban Ninja Style


A streetwear garment should have an urban, sophisticated look for all tastes, but at the same time be comfortable and pleasant to wear on a daily basis. In our streetwear shop you will find the right style for you thanks to the multitude of designs and manufacturing methods. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll create a garment to suit your style.

Streetwear for men or women is a style that will guarantee you an unprecedented originality while remaining in accordance with the urban dress code. The streetwear clothes are comfortable and allow you to give an incredible style.

Streetwear for men or women is a style that will guarantee you an unprecedented originality while remaining in accordance with the urban dress code. The streetwear clothes are comfortable and allow you to give an incredible style.

The mastery of the materials used and the manufacturing process guarantees you an incredible quality.

Of course, you will have noticed the Japanese jackets and kimono which are magnificent pieces and of great quality. These are the most accomplished pieces which, unlike basic streetwear, will allow you to stand out from the crowd and get closer to the beauty and magnificence of Japanese streetwear.

Streetwear is versatile in the materials used: cotton, polyester, silk. This style of clothing offers a wide range of clothing, a multitude of choices and colors with designs pushed to the extreme or on the contrary minimized.

Adopting streetwear is to have a look that fits in any situation and that will allow you to be discreet.

Streetwear Techwear UK


Fashion reaches its paroxysm despite the fact that every year we evolve by integrating many new technological techniques. When we think about the techwear of the future, we have to understand that we are talking about a fashion pushed to its extreme: innovative cut, latest materials, functional hyper utility... These outfits are almost impossible to wear but on top of that they are far from being affordable, it's reserved to a minority, I named the "techwear fashion" or "concept look". Some brands of future techwear: Aitor Throup, Civilized, Finalhome, Mary Mattingly...

Techwear UK Futuristic


Many brands have created clothing lines designed to practice their daily sport such as jogging or cycling, this has boosted the ingenuity and creativity of brands such as Nike in collaboration with Undercover or Adidas with the great designer Kuzuki Kuraishi. We find the technologies that make the strength of techwer in France: waterproofness, breathability, freedom of movement. This style is not only in clothing but also on accessories such as very technical bags that can be found on sale at Asics or Y-3 for example. Some brands of sports techwear: Acre, Peak, Patagonia, Swrve...

Techwear UK Sports


In the world of high fashion we almost never see techwear because tradition and ancestral craft techniques are very respected. However, it happens that great designers take up what made the success of techwear: beaded materials and iron-on seams among others. In opposition to the futuristic techwear, it is the creation that prevails in front of the number of functionalities that we are used to see in the different techwear looks. The Hussein Chalayan dress is a good example: LEDs have been integrated to give it an innovative and unconventional style. Some techwear brands in high fashion: Undercover, Prada, Raf Simons, Issey Miyake...

Techwear UK Designer


This look has a lot in common with sports techwear or techwear sport: it is often found in sports such as: climbing, hiking, water sports or the world of workwear. The advantage of outdoor techwear is its price (some people call it "cheap techwear", don't pay attention to them) and its adaptability to offer technicality for a well defined sport. Some types of jobs have particular needs so they use techwear workwear in which we find as usual breathable and waterproof materials. As an example, in New York City, bike workers use North Face trail or hiking jackets as well as many accessories found in the techwear style. Some techwaer workwear brands: Holygrail, Columbia, Dolomite, Crispi, Helly Hansen...

Techwear UK Work Wear


Recently, brands like Patagonia or Arc'Teryx have admitted to work with the army and offer clothing lines: techwear clothing or techwear clothes designed for the military. In the United States, groups such as the SWAT team have been approached by Nike, to the point that the big sports equipment manufacturer has sold them boots with state-of-the-art features. Moreover, we can find in different western armies the same technology such as Gore Tex, RipStop (not to tear) or Kevlar to name a few. Some brands of military techwear: Crye, Defcon, Otte Gear, Triple Aught Design...

Techwear Military


In the years to come, computers and all technologies will change to develop, so cyberpunk has emerged, which together with new design systems creates a new style: superfuture techwear to link design to innovation.

Writers or film directors have predicted a dystopian science fiction where our society would no longer be what we have known, in these fictions that catch up with reality we techwear fans have adopted outfits derived from the techwear look like asian techwear or urban ninja techwear. This anti-system and anti-authoritarian attitude is in contrast to conventional uniformed outfits.

Looking for clothes to say no to the established system? Embrace the Cyberpunk Techwear style with confidence, with a multitude of pockets, zips and storage as practical as it is functional.

Our Cyberpunk Store biggest inspiration comes from these movies: Cyber Punk 2077, Mad Max, Matrix.




Our online store Techwear UK is currently the darkwear brand with the biggest product range in the UK. It’s also the most affordable techwear in the UK. Our Store is also the Best Techwear Ireland destination!


If you have a higher budget we recommend this high-end functional clothing for the city and beyond from Aryswear.

Here are the top cities in the UK where to find brick-and-mortar Techwear stores:


London is a fashion-forward city with a thriving techwear scene. Find a wide range of techwear brands, including Acronym, Stone Island, and NikeLab, at techwear shops and stores across the city. Urban techwear and urban Japanese techwear can also be found in London, making it a great destination for techwear enthusiasts of all kinds.


Techwear Manchester is another great city for techwear fans. There are a number of independent retailers that sell techwear, as well as some larger chains. Some popular techwear brands that can be found in Manchester include Patagonia, Arc'teryx, and The North Face.


Techwear Bristol: Bristol is a vibrant and creative city with a strong techwear scene. There are a number of independent retailers that sell techwear, as well as some larger chains. Some popular techwear brands that can be found in Bristol include Fjallraven, Carhartt WIP, and Helly Hansen.


Techwear Glasgow: Glasgow is a stylish city with a growing techwear scene. There are a number of independent retailers that sell techwear such as Cryptik Techwear. Some popular techwear brands that can be found in Glasgow include Maharishi, Norse Projects, and Wood Wood.


Techwear Edinburgh: Edinburgh is a historic city with a modern techwear scene. There are a number of independent retailers that sell techwear, as well as some larger chains. Some popular techwear brands that can be found in Edinburgh include Nanamica, 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, and Y-3.


URBANCITY is a Polish online store that sells techwear clothing and accessories. They offer a wide range of products from popular techwear brands such as Acronym, Guerrilla Group, and Stone Island. URBANCITY also sells its own brand of techwear clothing, which is known for its high quality and affordable prices.

VINTTED.PL is a Polish online marketplace where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing, including techwear. Find unique and affordable techwear items from popular brands and other sellers.

TECHWEAR UK ships to Poland in 2 days for free and proposes competitive prices for the Polish techwear market.

Find the one-stop Techwear shop in Australia and New Zealand this year

Discover the UK founded brand Blackout, the biggest Techwear outlet in Australia based in Sydney. Visit their online store: Techwear Australia - they ship to AU and NZ. Shop now!


Here is our list of Techwear stores in France: (Livraison gratuite 48H)


Techwear is the fashion of the future, and Spain is a leader in this movement. With so many great places to buy techwear in Spain, finding the perfect pieces for your wardrobe is easier than ever in these stores: (Free Shipping 48H)


Techwear Lietuva is a growing community of techwear enthusiasts in Lithuania. Techwear can be found in both online and in-store retailers in Lithuania. The techwear community in Lithuania is very active and supportive, and there are a number of online forums and social media groups where you can learn more about techwear or find a techwear community in Lithuania.


Techwear Estonia is a growing community of techwear enthusiasts in Estonia. Techwear is a style of clothing that combines fashion and functionality. There are a few techwear shops in Tallinn, Estonia, including Spekter Technologies which specialises in Estonian-designed techwear.


The Techwear culture in Latvia is widespread among the youth. They perfectly speak English, Russian and Latvian, so they mostly shop in online techwear stores from the UK.



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"I recently copped the Techwear Cargo Pants from Techwear UK and I'm in love. They're trendy, comfortable, and have all the practical features I need. A must-have for any fashion-forward wardrobe."

Techwear Cargo Pants

"The XGXF Techwear Jacket from Techwear UK is so sick! It's super comfy and has a cool, futuristic vibe. I get compliments on it all the time."

XGXF Techwear Jacket
Edouard Hn@edouardhn

"Heyo! The Military Chest Rigs from this shop are the real deal. Super functional and have tons of pockets for all my gear."

Techwear UK The Military Chest Rigs
Josué Montoya@ghxst.47

"This Techwear UK set is the bomb. I got the whole set from boots, pants, t'shirt and neck gaiter! I'm actually really stocked that their stylist advised me what to to get together to make a good and unique style!"

Techwear UK set is the bomb
Guilherme Kais@guilhermekais

It's my 3rd time ordering pants and jackets from Techwear UK! For me, it's the safe place to get good techwear gears without breaking the bank!

Techwear Gears without breaking the bank

I bought the pants and this military chest rig. Got delivered to Russia in 4 days! nice job!

Pant and military chest rig
Sergey Vasilenko@ledsen_kille

I was obsessed by this Devil Denim Jacket, so I bought 2! Kudos to Techwear UK team for assisting finding my package that the postman delivered to my neigboor at first! Keep rocking guys!

Techwear UK Devil Denim Jacket
Luca Bugnicourt@lucabugnicourt

Really really love shopping on with Techwear UK! All their clothes are unisex so I can shop in their men collection, like this cargo pants! Couldn't find another store with that much choice!

Techwear UK Cargo Pants
LucianaAilin Rizzo@lued.88

For me it's the only decent Techwear shop we have in the UK. You can find anything at a fair price! Especially if you subscribe to their newsletter you get promo after promo there!

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Rocking these gears like Scarlxrd! Real dope fam! For me that's the best Darkwear dealer in the UK

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I got my ninja outfits from Techwear UK delivered in 3 days just in time for my photoshoot!

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