Techwear Tops


    Techwear tops come in different designs and sizes, so shoppers who visit our online store are never out of options when making selections. If you love casual outfits, Techwear crop tops will catch your eye because of their connection to hip hop culture, unique design and they fit any attire you choose to wear them with.

    Below, we review the women's gothic tops UK we have in stock, so feel free to make your selection from among our list of must have clothing after you are done.


    Tabo tops are making a comeback in 2023 as many prepare to welcome the summer months with style and class. Due to the warm weather, the last thing you want will be to wear tops that restrict airflow. Our tank tops are lightweight and made with custom fabrics that have breathable holes for air inflow.

    You can wear them with your jeans, joggers or even a skirt if you wish. If skirts are your favourite, why not head to our techwear skirt to find matching colours? Our skirts are durable and quite affordable too.


    Perhaps you prefer crop tops over tank tops, and that is fine. Techwear has different types of crop tops, like our popular gothic crop top. It is best for those looking to project bold looks or fashionistas who prefer dark colours.


    Our gothic tops are designed with you in mind, so we don't stick to one design but create different features to broaden your options. Our store showcases different top designs like the Techwear crop top hoodie, street gothic t-shirts, and the Techwear women long sleeve for those who prefer a more conservative look.

    If you have been looking for where you can find affordable Techwear tops for your wardrobe, now you know where to turn to. Browse our collection of Techwear tops female designs and make your picks; it is that simple.