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Fashion is something that transcends considerations like money, brand, or name. It is pure expression, and expression is art, hence it ought to be unencumbered by exclusivity and prejudice.

Both fans and wearers should be able to purchase and access distinctive, dark, and expressive clothing. This is what we intended to accomplish, by tagging the lowest price on our products though still paying a faire price at our suppliers.

We've made a space for people who frequently admire and embrace black and white clothing, commonly called Dark Fashion, but were unable to experience it for themselves owing to exorbitant costs and unwelcoming brands. 

Welcome to the most affordable techwear outfits range of clothes.



The selection of only the most aesthetic urban techwear items that you, the affluent and daring fans of black fashion, may adore and afford has become our mission.

By building relationships with uncharted designers and suppliers in the UK, US, Europe, and Asia, we have created a world where you can freely explore new avenues of dark and bold styles.

Urban Japanese Techwear Fashion is only a glimpse into the depths of uncharted futuristic fashion. 

Our brand is not one its own right: we are here to be shaped by you, not to mold you. "TECHWEAR UK" is the phrase that created this world, not its identity. A statement made by you, not by us.

To combine talents from all over the world, our UK Techwear brand has acquired the dark Wear brand Tekkawear (Tekkawear.com) to work with their suppliers and their ambassador.

By essence we are very close to our community. Drop us a message if you want to say Hi! or have any question regarding our store and products. You can e-mail us at info@techwear-uk.com or visit the Contact Us page to get a hold of us.

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all, black says this: I don’t bother you—don’t bother me.” –  Yohji Yamamoto