We offer many different brands and thus have varying sizes throughout our selection. Each item will have their own measurement. Always consult the sizing charts and compare for accurate sizing. For proper comparisons, measure existing garments that you have and not yourself. If there is no sizing chart, e-mail us at and we will respond right away with sizing recommendations. We are implementing a live chat service soon so that our team will be able to help you instantly.

Please note that many items may have Japanese sizes so if you are usually wearing EU/US size you should choose 2 sizes bigger. We do this at the convenience of our many US/EU customers who frequently forget to check size charts and who choose what they typically wear.

We want you to love the clothes the minute it arrives. The last thing we want is a garment being too small for you due to lack of care in selecting size. So never be afraid to ask for sizing recommendations. We are here to help you!